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Auto Paint Repairs
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Over 15 years experience in smart repairs

Auto Paint Repairs solve all types of minor vehicle damage including bumper scuffs, vandal scratches, and weather corrosion. We have been repairing cars since 2001 and have a workshop in Taunton, Somerset.
We can help you save time and money, as most jobs can be done in 1-2 days, and because we have lower overheads we are very competitively priced. Most of our work is by word of mouth and repeat business, just check our google 5* rating from our customers if you don't believe us here.
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OUR SEvices

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction so for your peace of mind by providing a 2 year guarantee for all paint repairs.
All of our repairs are environmentally friendly and comply with EU regulations and what’s more, we also offer free quotes!
If you are in need of minor bodywork repairs to any vehicle, you can count on us for a reliable, friendly, and cost-effective service.

Bumper scuffs

Bumper Scuffs

Bumpers scuffs not only damage the appearance of your car but can also affect its resale value. We are able to repair bumper damage without the need to re-spray or remove the whole bumper.

Vandal Scratches

Vandal Scratches

Unsightly scratches, whether accidental or deliberate, will again drive down the value of your vehicle and will eventually succumb to rust, especially in winter.

Small Accident Damage

Small Accident Damage

If you have been in a minor accident you are likely to have some bodywork damage on the paintwork or exterior plastic. We can help access what can be restored.

Scuffs and Scrapes

Scuffs and Scrapes

With over 15 years experience in car body repairs, bumper scuffs & scrapes can be repaired with relative ease using the latest plastic welding tools.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

As well as bodywork damage, we can also repair kerbed and damaged alloy wheels. Scuffed alloys can affect the residual value of your car and, if left untreated, can lead to corrosion.

Machine polishing

Machine Polishing

Machine polishing helps to keep your car's paintwork in top condition and achieve great results.

Mobility or end of lease inspections

Mobility or end of lease inspections

Is there an inspection due at the end of your car lease? We can help minimise any unwelcome surprises by letting you know what wear and tear can be restored. 

Plastic repairs

Plastic repairs 

We can help to fix damaged plastic bumpers which involves grinding, sanding, sculpting, and painting.

Pro colour coding/matching

Pro colour coding/matching

We use Nexa Autocolour which gives us a consistent delivery of outstanding colour matching.

FREE no obligation quotes on all jobsFREE courtesy car provided (if required) whilst your cars been repaired.NO VAT TO PAY

Insurance REPAIRS

Any insurance work can be carried out by Auto Paint Repairs including private repairs. Don’t forget you can choose who carries out your work through an insurance company claim.
A lot of customers prefer to come directly to me as the minor damages and repairs can cost much less than your insurance excess. We repair as needed to make it cost-effective and we always try to save a vehicle from being a total loss. In most instances, you could save over 50% compared to a conventional body shop, and most repairs are cheaper than your insurance excess, so you don’t need to make a claim.
On the plus side, it also means you can keep your no claims bonus and have the work completed much more quickly than going through an insurance claim.
If you would prefer to come directly through to Auto Paint Repairs please check with your insurance provider before proceeding.


  • How do you colour-match?

    We use Nexa Autocolour paint scheme to give the best colour match possible for your car. 

  • What about metallic or pearl finishes?

    Yes, we can match all metallic and pearl finishes.

  • Can you repair plastic bumpers?

    We can repair both painted (colour-coded) plastic bumpers, textured plastic bumpers and other panels. We can fix most splits and cracks by welding the plastic, avoiding the expense of a new panel.

  • What else do you repair?

    Vans, Lorries, motorbikes and even caravans have been repaired by us.

  • Will the repair be ‘as good as new’?

    It will be hard to spot the difference, but no repair will be identical to an automotive factory finish, which can never truly be replicated. Therefore, no repair will ever be strictly ‘as good as new’. However we do aim to provide an excellent quality, hand-completed after-market repair. In normal circumstances our repairs are unlikely to be detected by a casual examination of the vehicle by an untrained observer unaware of the previous damage location.

  • Do you repair stone chips?

    We provide a professional touch-up of stone chip damage. Particularly with metallic paints, this is a protective repair only, as a stone chips can remove substantial material from the finish. If a perfect repair is necessary, the only way to achieve it is stripping the affected bonnet back to bare metal, followed by an edge-to-edge re-spray. This tends to be a less economical repair option and touch-ups are the preferred repair method.

  • Do you guarantee your repairs?

    Yes, all paint repairs are guaranteed for 2 years.

  • How do you accept payment?

    We accept payment by cash or cheque (supported by an appropriate guarantee card and signature).

  • How much will my repair cost?

    It is difficult to price a repair precisely without seeing the damage, as the work and materials involved in a repair can vary greatly from one piece of damage to the next.

    You can send us a digital photo of the vehicle damage via email (ku.oc.sriapertniapotua%40ofni) or we can provide a ballpark figure over the phone.

    We are pleased to offer free, “we-come-to-you” estimates (when in your area) where we give firm price quotes.

  • Is my vehicle insured while in your care?

    We have full Motor Traders insurance policy. All vehicles in our custody or control for the purposes of our business are fully insured.



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